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What ingredients do you need for making your video viral on TikTok?

TikTok has become one of the most popular on the entire internet. They absolutely dominate the online short video space and do it really well. It allows ‘TikTok users’ to connect with others, sharing 60 seconds and get feedback in a very social way. TikTok is also the most download app on the Apple store in the year 2018 which is quite interesting. Generally, it is popular among teens because it is all about fun, entertainment, and music.

TikTok has become one of the most beloved apps on the internet and for good reason. They offer so much entertainment and music value to the world, for free. Millions of people search it every day for any kind of topic imaginable from business to health.


More views and followers:

Since there has been so much interest in online video over the last two years, it makes sense that it has become a great place to market as well. Businesses have been using TikTok to make promotional and interesting videos about their services for a while. However, the real trick is getting the followers. Anyone can upload a video, but the real art is in getting a steady, high amount of followers and views to your video.

A video needs to receive a certain number of views before it starts to get natural search engine traffic from TikTok that leads to tons of new followers. Until this happens a video is simply not seen as popular or worthwhile. It’s important to change that by getting as many views as possible and then, once it’s getting views on its own, leave it alone. This also has a cumulative effect on your whole account, whereby the more videos your channel gets, the more views all your videos will receive. And more views means more followers.

Social proof:

Many people resort to requesting their friends and family on Facebook and Twitter to get views by sharing their TikTok videos, but to get more than a few hundred you will need some serious firepower. In fact, a whole industry has spawned around viral video marketing. However, the quality of many providers is disturbingly low.

There is also a very powerful ‘social proof’ effect that happens when a video has many views and followers. A visitor is much more likely to click on a video that has a million views than one with only a hundred. Also, people consider that how many followers this account have. It is assumed by people that videos with more views are funnier, more entertaining or more interesting than ones with less. This can have a significant impact as well. We use a safe, proven system to get views and followers to your videos that will see it getting a natural, steady stream of traffic, sales and money for your business for a long time to come.

Buy TikTok Followers:

Getting a lot of followers naturally is not easy as it sounds especially when you are new to TikTok. So you must think to buy TikTok followers to stand out from the crowd.

What are 4 elements of online communication and how it really works?

What are 4 elements of online communication and how it really works?

Online communication is everything on the internet. Do you agree? The Internet provides users with several ways of communicating. Users can communicate with friends, colleagues, news reporters, editors and even with strangers. Nowadays, there are more ways to reach people who were traditionally difficult to contact. As technology advances, the forms of Internet communication become increasingly convenient and varied.

In this article, we will discuss the 4 elements of Internet-based communication and how it really works. Let’s check them out! One of the main functions of every entrepreneur is to communicate, where communication through the Internet takes on special importance. In this environment, it is essential to understand which the most important characteristics of the different online communication tools.

The Hypertextual part:

It is everything that is on the web, a portal, a blog or a corporate website. This allows us to position ourselves in the search engines, Google, specifically, due to the monopoly that it has in terms of search engines in our language. When appearing in search engines we will get traffic and online repercussion.

The Audiovisual part:

Each time the audiovisual part will be the most important in my opinion since it is very easy to create a video in an amateur way, it generates a direct communication and allows in a very short time to communicate a lot of information. Portals such as Vimeo or YouTube are platforms with a huge number of users. YouTube helps your brand more visibility and attain more YouTube views and likes.

The real-time part:

Twitter is the paradigm of immediacy; it is a very operative platform from the mobile and allows a direct dialogue with the client. A company like the English court with a customer service that deteriorates at times does not listen to its customers. So if you do not use twitter in your business do not worry, you’re not the only one. This tool is especially useful to solve problems at the moment or as a tool of political activism.

Social networks:

By their nature, they are not as immediate as Twitter, but they allow sharing information more efficiently, they also have a branding function and a “shortlist” generation. When we think of social networks, we think of Facebook, although I think it’s a saturated channel. On the other hand, the great opportunity I see in vertical social networks with a common denominator such as photography in the case of Instagram.

Once we are clear about what the elements of online communication are and what their characteristics are, we can only combine them to make online feedback to each other generating visits and therefore greater impact on the four channels. If we have a blog, we can insert a video that we have uploaded to our YouTube channel and communicate it by uploading a link to Facebook and Twitter. Our audience can be found on Facebook, on YouTube, on Twitter or on search engines like Google.

Members of social networking sites are able to send messages, comments, links, articles, and images to other members of the site. Communication is not only between the sender and receiver; it is also available to other members who have access to view your site. These other members can also comment. This type of relationship is known as the Internet community. By integrating communication into the four elements, we will obtain the greatest possible impact.