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What are 4 elements of online communication and how it really works?

What are 4 elements of online communication and how it really works?

Online communication is everything on the internet. Do you agree? The Internet provides users with several ways of communicating. Users can communicate with friends, colleagues, news reporters, editors and even with strangers. Nowadays, there are more ways to reach people who were traditionally difficult to contact. As technology advances, the forms of Internet communication become increasingly convenient and varied.

In this article, we will discuss the 4 elements of Internet-based communication and how it really works. Let’s check them out! One of the main functions of every entrepreneur is to communicate, where communication through the Internet takes on special importance. In this environment, it is essential to understand which the most important characteristics of the different online communication tools.

The Hypertextual part:

It is everything that is on the web, a portal, a blog or a corporate website. This allows us to position ourselves in the search engines, Google, specifically, due to the monopoly that it has in terms of search engines in our language. When appearing in search engines we will get traffic and online repercussion.

The Audiovisual part:

Each time the audiovisual part will be the most important in my opinion since it is very easy to create a video in an amateur way, it generates a direct communication and allows in a very short time to communicate a lot of information. Portals such as Vimeo or YouTube are platforms with a huge number of users. YouTube helps your brand more visibility and attain more YouTube views and likes.

The real-time part:

Twitter is the paradigm of immediacy; it is a very operative platform from the mobile and allows a direct dialogue with the client. A company like the English court with a customer service that deteriorates at times does not listen to its customers. So if you do not use twitter in your business do not worry, you’re not the only one. This tool is especially useful to solve problems at the moment or as a tool of political activism.

Social networks:

By their nature, they are not as immediate as Twitter, but they allow sharing information more efficiently, they also have a branding function and a “shortlist” generation. When we think of social networks, we think of Facebook, although I think it’s a saturated channel. On the other hand, the great opportunity I see in vertical social networks with a common denominator such as photography in the case of Instagram.

Once we are clear about what the elements of online communication are and what their characteristics are, we can only combine them to make online feedback to each other generating visits and therefore greater impact on the four channels. If we have a blog, we can insert a video that we have uploaded to our YouTube channel and communicate it by uploading a link to Facebook and Twitter. Our audience can be found on Facebook, on YouTube, on Twitter or on search engines like Google.

Members of social networking sites are able to send messages, comments, links, articles, and images to other members of the site. Communication is not only between the sender and receiver; it is also available to other members who have access to view your site. These other members can also comment. This type of relationship is known as the Internet community. By integrating communication into the four elements, we will obtain the greatest possible impact.



Top nonprofit organizations in the world working for old people

Top nonprofit organizations in the world working for old people

There are many different nonprofit organizations working for many different purposes.  For donation and help purposes they are mostly the NGO’s. Most of them have one specific reason or a cause for which they ask for help or donation. To take care of the elderly is now another very major issue. They are unable to get proper care and facilities during the time of the age when they are not even able to earn a living for themselves. To help or support this cause there are many nonprofit organizations working for old people specifically. Some of them are described below.

  • ACAMAGE; it was created in 1995 and was being legalized in 2003. It is a CAMEROONIAN NGO, which is specifically working with and for the older adults. It is working to promote the rights of older adults to help them get rid or elder abuse. It is working to promote the concept of building a peaceful society of all age, like this it is challenging the aging world to create an intergenerational solidarity and peace. It has focused on three major projects, named as ACAMAGE NETWORK FOR THE RIGHTS OF OLDER PEOPLE. This network focuses on three groups; older women, older people in prisons, and older people’s rights.
  • ADVOCARE; it is a non profit organization working for promoting the rights of older people and to eradicate the elder abuse. It is a peak Western Australian website; the main vision of their organization is to build a community where the rights of every individual are being supported, implemented and respected. They are working to provide individuals with a systematic advocacy, basic information and education to the elderly with disabilities specifically in Western Australia. They are also working to make some contribution in research on collaborative care for elderly with the government and other community services to get the best output.
  • AGE ACTION; it is another non profit organization of Ireland, who is working towards the establishment of good policies implementation and services for old people. They are helping the older people to achieve empowerment to build a life as active and as engaged as a normal citizen. They help them to use their rights and to demand better quality services. We educate them not to consider themselves as someone as the passive recipient of care but to think of themselves as someone with rights to demand better care and services. Not just this they are also providing the older people with training programs on IR and computer, they give them repair service. On the global basis, they have developed a program known as aging and development program whose main concern is to observe the global aging issued that older people are going through mostly in developing and under developed countries.
  • AGE IN ACTION; it is a nonprofit organization founded and developed in 1956, they represent and look after around 2.7 million older people and consist of more than 100 members who are working regularly to provide necessary services and care to the older people looking for help.