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Best designer handbags to add to your bucket list for 2019

Best designer handbags to add to your bucket list for 2019

A new season brings new accessories like shoes, dresses, and handbags. Bags, categorically designer handbags are big business. They are loved by ladies as they can literally uplift their whole attire and enhance their personality. From the British Queen to the general public worldwide, rely heavily on handbags to create an appeal that won’t fade away easily. There is no doubt that an alluring handbag can be a crucial factor that helps doll-up and make ones’ personality as gorgeous as ever. There is a vast variety of beautiful designer handbags for 2019 that is a must add to your bucket list.


Chanel’s iconic Classic Flap Bag is rightfully on the wish list and is a handbag desired by all ladies around the globe. The bag holds with it a rich history of the company as it a recreation by Karl Lagerfeld with the interlocking CC closure feature that was first released in the early fifties. The bag is very hard to resist even by celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Chrissy Teigen. What makes this handbag standout is the sparkling diamond quilted pattern and the amazing streamlined edges.

Louis Vuitton

The accessories produced by Louis Vuitton are truly to die for. A bag that has created a lot of hype is the Square Bag that artistically joins monogram and reverse monogram canvas in a patchwork style. The bag can be carried not just in the day time but is perfect for night occasions as well. This is because it comes with two handles. In the day time, the leather handle is a perfect choice while gold chain makes the evening look as perfect as possible.


Gucci introduces a whole lot of iconic bags in the market each year. A bag that has caught the eye of many around the world is the popular Dionysus handbag. The bag symbolizes the Greek good Dionysus through the Tiger closure. Above all, it has an adjustable chain strap that makes it very easy to carry all times.


It is hard to resist bags as beautiful as those introduced by Givenchy. The one that is gaining a lot of fame and must definitely be on your bucket list is the Antigona handbag. Named after a famous Greek mythology figure, the bag is perfect to carry throughout the week. The angular lines, spacious interior, and the brand’s logo make it all more desirable. It is a perfect combination of class and sophistication. The most appealing feature is that the bag comes in a range of different sizes, colors and elegant finishes that make it the most flawless and complete bag.


The Hermes Kelly bag is a must-have for the year 2019. Perfect to carry from day to night the bag is just amazing. The most interesting and astonishing fact about this bag is that it takes a craftsman about 18 hours to craft the bag it to how we see it. The features that make it outstanding are that it is elegant as well as practical to use.

The list of designer handbags to carry in 2019 is endless. From Saint Laurent to Prada’s Vela bag, there are a lot more options available in the market.

Ways to Get Rid of Multiple Hairs in One Follicle

Ways to Get Rid of Multiple Hairs in One Follicle

At some point, while shaving or waxing, you might have noticed multiple hairs that are all bound up and emerging from the same follicle. This may seem unusual but you have come across a phenomenon known as Pili Multigemini. It is a rare disorder but is seen to occur in both men and women. In this condition, more than one hair grows out of the same follicle. Even though this is not completely normal but in most cases is harmless condition until folliculitis develops.

If this condition does not trouble you, it is not necessary to treat it for purpose of getting rid of it. But if multiple cases of folliculitis or any other infection are experienced than it calls for a visit to a dermatologist. Here are a few simple and easy ways to get rid of multiple hairs in one follicle that have been tried and tested.

  1. Plucking

Majority of people find it easiest to pluck the multiple hairs as a means of treating this condition. This does work but is only a temporary solution as in future they will get harder and have deep roots which will make them harder to pluck. It can even be a chance that more hair grows from the same follicle than were present in the previous time.

  1. Shaving

Shaving is a very common treatment when hairs grow and need to be get rid of. But this too is a temporary solution as hair grow back really quick. On the contrary, it does help to reduce the occurrence of folliculitis and other infections.

  1. Electrolysis

For permanent removal of multiple hairs from the same follicle, electrolysis is the most effective treatment. Though it is effective there is no proven research about its long term safety. Another problem is that it is very expensive and thus is not accessible for the majority of people.

  1. Cryosurgery

There are various studies that have proved the fact that cryosurgery is very effective in completely getting rid of multiple hairs from a single follicle.

  1. Keep hair short

Frequently shortening hair is a very good idea. Shortening of hair reduces the chances that multiple hairs will grow. Not only this but it also helps to uplift the quality of hair and to keep the condition under check and balance.

  1. Laser Treatment

Laser treatment is very helpful if a long term permanent solution is required for this problem. Laser treatments are very quick as only 5 t 10 laser sessions are required to get rid of hairs for a long time. But it is at times very painful and needs regular follow-ups.

  1. Use good quality and gentle products

It is very crucial to choose hair care products and creams that are of good quality. Moreover, they should be safe to use, do not irritate the follicles and be gentle. Any harsh and full of artificial chemicals product should be avoided.

All the easiest and tested ways to get rid of multiple hairs from the same follicle have been discussed. Always choose the method that is most convenient and helpful to get away from this hair problem.