Why is MENA region a place to visit in vacations?

Why is MENA region a place to visit in vacations?

MENA region is referred to as the Middle East and North Africa. It is a region which extends from Morocco to Iran and includes all east and west countries of this region. It includes all Arabic speaking countries such as Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Qatar, Iran, and Palestine. Also, it includes countries of Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Israel, Jordan and United States. Due to all Arabic speaking countries, this region is also known as the Arab world. But there is a controversy on calling it as the Arab world.

Place of vacation

The Middle East and North Africa region is a place where you can spend your vacations. Various attractive places are found in this region. Due to these attractive places, this region is considered best as a travel destination. Here we discuss some attractive places to visit in the Middle East and North Africa region. These places are as follows:


It is a great holiday destination in the Middle East. Even though, several political and social issues have appeared in this city but it is attractive travel destination of this region. Cairo is famous due to its architectural and Nile settings. Renowned places are located in it such as Giza pyramid and Egypt’s museum. All of these things make it an attractive travel destination in the Middle East and North Africa region.


It is a great city located in Turkey. It is attractive for visitors due to its cultural presentation. The culture of this region is represented through various places such as Hagia Sofia and Blue Mosque. This city makes a good combination of modern sophistication and traditional culture. It makes a unique environment for travelers. You can take a view of the whole city from Bosporus.


It is city located in Jordan. It consists of architectural buildings which make it famous in MENA region. Various well-sculpted temples are located in this city which was built by desert tribes. There is a beautiful and amazing view of the sun setting in this city. You can spend your vacations in this great city of Jordan in the Middle East and North Africa region.


Travelers cannot imagine the tour of Middle East without visiting this stunning place. It is all about bigger and newer things. Several amazing places are found in Dubai which attracts travelers toward this region. Magnificent hotels are found with a waterfront location. Ina addition, events are held in this region to attract locals and foreigners. It is just like visiting dream world.


It gives a view of just like going back to 3 centuries ago. It presents a historical view of Middle East. It is a great spiritual city dominated by three religions. These religions are Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. The whole city presents unique historical view when you visit the market or any building.

So, MENA region is famous for different places in it. You can spend your whole vacations visiting different countries and cities in this region. These amazing places attract travelers towards the Middle East and North Africa region.

Top Upcoming travel book of 2020

Top Upcoming travel book of 2020

Traveling is a lovely hobby, and it gives a lot of experience to the people who take it seriously. Just like the evolution in any other industry, traveling data is also updated every year, and some places are recognized to be the best ones to visit each year. So is the case with the travel book of 2020. Many publishers and travelers around the world put efforts in making a worthwhile piece that offers some great advice about places that should be visited. Some of the trends are emerging in the travel industry, and they should be tried by everyone who loves to travel. These new trends are as follow.

Local micro-distilleries

These are the places which are used to sample the spirits which are produced by the help of regional micro-distillery. Of anyone is bored with the craft beer and wants to do something new, these new places can be visited and something meaningful can be explored in this way. By spending time at this house of spirit, people learn a lot of things, and a peaceful place is provided.

Bike packing

It is also an emerging trend in the field of traveling. People prefer to travel on the two wheels. It is more attractive because the traveler does not have any burden to carry and it is economical. Although traveling with family and friends has its perks, but if a person wants to explore the beauty of the world in solitude with a few funds available, this is the best way to do so. There are many people who have become famous by using this mean of traveling.

Do sustainable traveling

The concept of sustainable tourism is becoming famous, and people are moving towards the means which support this. A lot of research in 2020 has been done to suggest the places travel which is equally beneficial for the person himself, surrounding and people in multiple areas. Traveling is no doubt the best thing to do but only if the right choice is made. With wrong choices, it can turn into horrible choices you have ever made.

Books on traveling

There are many books which are published every year to suggest people about the traveling destinations they must visit in the following year. Some of the famous books which are in trend in 2020 include A geography of Genius, An explorer’s guide to the world’s hidden wonders as well as the Language Spotter’s Guide to Europe. These books present the most amazing and new places that must be explored. There are some books such as the longest way home, into thin air and the geography of bliss are the famous books of all times for traveling.

These are some of the travel book options which are famous in 2020. Many places gain popularity every year, and it is good to explore all these options to have maximum exposure. Everyone does not have the resources and time to explore all the places, so it is always helpful to seek the advice of people who have already been there.